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April 2021

Updated: May 31, 2021

Our April 2021 blog features Accounting News, Take Your Family to Work Day, updates on the fish eggs in the office, and DEI discussions and opportunities.

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to the Solutions For Small Businesses blog! This is our second blog post that comes out on the 1st of each month. We intend to use this blog as a safe space to share the many forward-thinking businesses and organizations that we support.


Accounting News

The IRS had extended the filing deadline for income tax returns to May 17, 2021. From what I understand, this is not so much for us, but the IRS. They are swamped and don’t think they’ll be ready to start processing returns by April 15th. So, whoo hoo, we get an extra month. For your tax preparers, it’s not clear if this is a blessing or a curse. They have some extra time, but it also prolongs the agony. If you’d been planning on filing an extension, please do your tax preparer a favor and stick with that plan. That way, the extra time will lighten their load instead of just making more work for them.

Take Your Family to Work Day

With everybody stuck at home, we decided to do something fun and socially distant, and bring our kids to work - virtually. Not all of us have biological offspring, so “kids” is open to interpretation. Here are some pictures of us with our family.


This handsome lad was 10 years old when I started S4SB and he’s been giving me bad business advice ever since. He’s off to college in the fall, so I’ll be on my own soon. We’ll see how I do without his help.


Kirby, Connie’s 14-year-old, enjoys having a home office where there is a cookie jar, a basketball to attack during breaks, and a cozy bed to sleep in most of the day. Thankfully he isn’t a “lap dog” or productivity would suffer!


I am so thankful for the mobility of our office, I bring my kids to work all the time these days. And our little dog too!


My furry family is the one and only Fish, the cat. She made her way into my home in May 2020, just the right time for raising a pet at home!


Feeling so grateful to get to spend another beautiful Humboldt County spring day with my sweet son, Calvin.


I love working with the S4SB team remotely, and having the opportunity to support my son through his distance learning. Another gift is we both get to snuggle with our fur babies on our breaks.

Our April ads feature an April Fools edition! Maybe it’s a joke, or maybe it’s not… In addition to our regular April ad, every year our team develops an idea for an April Fools ad. Check both of them out!

Fish Eggs in the Office?!

If you remember from our last blog post, we have fish in the office. They have been growing with us since February 12th and were released during the second week of April! They grew from eggs to alevin, to little fry, and will be released into the wild soon. The team at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is currently working on translating the videos into Spanish before they will be released in both languages. Stay tuned for these videos. For now, you and your family can learn more about fish by watching weekly episodes of Steelhead in the Classroom Live! Season 2.

DEI Discussions & Community Opportunities

With all that is going on in the world, it is important to understand that doing your part means reading and understanding events like these, and supporting when and where you can while still prioritizing your mental health.

In April, the Solutions Team will participate in a DEI training hosted by Equity Arcata. Katherine has been participating in Equity Arcata’s Welcoming Businesses working group, to educate herself on running a business that is welcoming to all, and the training is an opportunity to involve the staff of Solutions for Small Businesses. If you would like to know more about Equity Arcata, please visit their website at

Our team will continue to support compassionate, equitable, and peaceful co-existence with all people. Sexism, racism, and violence must end. If you’ve been a victim of racism, you can report it here. #stopaapihate

Our hearts go out to many different people during these times, but we have two groups that have been notably impacted recently. In no particular order, the first we’d like to mention is the victims of the Atlanta Spa Shootings. To help the families of victims from the Atlanta Spa Shootings, several GoFundMe’s have been set up and we as a community can support them.

The second group we’d like to mention is the victims of the shooting at a Colorado supermarket. Our team feels personally connected to this story, as we have Charlie moving to Colorado in a few months and Katie went to massage school there. As we come to understand more about the victims killed and what happened, the White House calls for action on gun safety, an important step in combating the mass murders across the U.S.

Now to end on something that you can do. You can be an ally and help

Asian Americans fight anti-racism by doing many things, like supporting local Asian American-owned small businesses, donating to support the cause against anti-asian violence, petitioning to hold the media accountable for covering stories, and reporting if you see something by saying something. Let us know if you give any of these a try in the comments.


Thank you for reading our blog and supporting S4SB. Make sure to enter your Full Name and Email to subscribe and receive a monthly email to notify you when our blogs come out on the 1st of each month. If you’d like to submit something to add to our blog, please email Feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or other ways to support our community.

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