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"A measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice." Kamala Harris, vice-president of the United States

We are celebrating the life of George Floyd and the conviction of his murderer, but there is work to be done. 

We stand in solidarity with people around the world protesting police brutality and militarization in general, and especially against people of color.


We support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
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Solutions for Small Businesses believes that one easy way to support Black Lives Matter is to support local Black-owned businesses. You can find a list  of them here.

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Kidney Donor Needed! 

Anna, a young mother and beloved member of Temple Beth El in Eureka, has advanced kidney disease and will need a kidney transplant soon. She inherited a genetic condition called Alport Syndrome. For many years her health was stable, but recently her kidney function has been declining. Anna still feels well, and remains busy with work and her five year old son, but the time for a transplant is approaching fast. It's crucial that she find a generous person willing to donate a kidney while she is still in good enough health to benefit from the transplant, 

Anna is currently on the national deceased donor waiting list, but the average wait time is five years and that could be too late for a successful transplant for her. Without a transplant, Anna would be dependent on dialysis, which would greatly impact her quality of life. Average life expectancy on dialysis is five to ten years, though some patients live longer. In comparison, if Anna receives a kidney from a living donor, she could look forward to another twenty years, and by that time artificial kidneys should be available. 

Anna anticipates being accepted as a transplant candidate at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, a location which will allow her to be close to family as she recovers. Ideally her donor would live in the Portland area or have contacts there. 

Though most of us are born with two kidneys, we need only one

healthy kidney to live a normal life. You or someone you know could

save Anna’s life by choosing to be a living donor. Kidneys from living

donors can last almost twice as long as kidneys from deceased

donors. A kidney transplant or extraction is a major surgery for both

Anna and her donor, so it does have risks, but these procedures are

generally safe and successful. Thankfully, Anna’s insurance will cover

all the medical expenses for her and her donor. 

To donate a kidney directly to Anna, the donor must have O type

blood (either + or –). Someone with another blood type can donate

through a “paired exchange” in which the donor gives a kidney to

another person in need, and that person’s friend or relative then

donates to Anna. You can learn more here: 

Please circulate this appeal to your family and friends, especially

those in the Portland area. Help this wonderful young woman live

to raise her child. 

Address any questions to Rabbi Naomi Steinberg at Temple Beth El in Eureka, CA. 

Phone: (707) 444-2846 


Anna Thaler

A team of bookkeepers or a S4SB pan band?

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