Client Testimonials


Jared Gerstein
Baldwin, Blomstrom, Wilkinson and Associates, Inc.

Our business resisted switching over to Quickbooks Online, Tsheets and electronic bill paying for years. Our system wasn’t broken, so we didn’t see any need to fix it. Eventually, the volume of business increased to the point where doing everything manually was cutting into the productivity of the employees and business owners. Solutions for Small Business encouraged us to try the newer, electronic, cloud-based tools for bookkeeping, time tracking, bill paying, and invoicing. Over the course of 3-6 months we transitioned to the new systems, it was painful and challenging and largely complete by January of 2020. Then Corona hit all of us in March, our staff all sheltered in place- we no longer could meet our bookkeepers or regularly meet in our office. Thankfully, our newly adopted bookkeeping practices allowed us to weather the storm nearly uninterrupted. Employees submitted their time remotely through the cloud, our bookkeepers were able to prepare payrolls, pay bills and prepare invoices remotely- all of it worked despite the abrupt and unplanned interruption to business as usual.



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